Why Projects

Family Projects

This site is about our family projects.  I enjoy researching activities and being active with them. Sometimes, several iterations are required to make them work. I am undaunted by the challenges involved with learning new technology, growing plants or cooking, kid friendly food.

I am not an expert on any of the projects but I am The Undaunted Mom! I will continue to try new things.

Family Wellness

“Wellness”  is “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”.

Being a parent is hard and keeping up with the changing interests of kids is tough.  Right now, my boys are both interested in all things Pokémon and their Nintendo Switch.  One son is intensely into soccer and the other likes gardening and crafts. This is where the projects start to develop. It is me looking at their interests and trying to build projects that make our family stronger and healthier.

I would love to connect with other caregivers who either enjoy the same interests and have suggestions on projects or who just share my joy in learning and doing.

Topics of The Undaunted Mom

I have been writing in this blog for 8 months. I have written about anything and everything because I was unsure of my focus, my passion.  Actually, one week, I would try to be serious and do a deep thinking financial blog considering the big issues of our time.  Another week, I would try to push a personal agenda and convince people to write their wills. (I still think this is super important even for a healthy family.)

In the Future

I am not afraid to admit that a little cash on the side would be helpful, so some of the links on this site will be affiliate links. However, my goal for this blog is to give other parents the quick information they need so that they too can experience some of this cool, maybe geeky, out there type of stuff with their kids.  Keeping up should not be so hard to do.

Let me help you with the basics!

Let’s be Undaunted Together!

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